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Alexis O. Rubio

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My name is Alexis O. Rubio. I am a traditional illustrator surrounded by technology. Strokes of authentic brushes and lines with ink shall surpass the growing age of cyber art. Don't get me wrong, I am also skilled when it comes to computers. 

Worlds are created and explored, from our own to the most fantastical ones sprouted from pure imagination.   Being able to share a wonderous world with others, invites them to explore these great vast lands of creation.   From the darkest depths of the unknown to the brightest realms of the greatest joy.  With my art I hope to guide and illustrate these created worlds and bring them to reality. 

As I am fascinated by minor details, symbolism and deeper meanings in work; I want the viewer to see even the simplest of things and be able to come back to it multiple times.  Finding new inspirations each time, enveloping themselves with in it.  To be able to place themselves easily within the world presented; let it be by holding another traveler’s journal, viewing a map, landscapes, or photography.


Inspired by literature such as H.P. Lovecraft and Sir Aurthor Conan Doyle, along with years of storytelling through Dungeons and Dragons; I wish to bring life to these stories so those that can’t envision things easily, and do so through my work.

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